Making A Claim...

Full details of the claims reporting procedures are sent to you together with a certificate of insurance in the event that you chose to accept the insurance offered.

Claims are dealt with in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Insurance issued.

The procedures could not be simpler, simply complete the claim form provided and submit it immediately together with the necessary documentation. The claim will be dealt with speedily and effortlessly using a World Wide network of agents (for claims over $1500) specialising in relocation claims.

Claiming could not be easier!

Step 1 The first step in making a claim is to submit the following brief form.

Step 2 Removal Insurance Direct will then assign a account manager to your claim, who will work on your behalf in a speedy and professional manner.

Step 3 Your personal account manager will contact you to discuss the full details of the claim.

Claim Form




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